Wild Crafted Soaps

A new soap for every season!
Soap is a medium that allows me to play with ever changing ingredients, no two batches of soap are very alike!
3 different soap recipes are used; a vegetable based vegan soap (no palm oil!) , a tallow soap (wild and free range animal fats) and an old fashioned soap recipe using egg yolks from my backyard hens. Please check the ingredient list if you have a preference for soap bases, if a soap is made using tallow or egg yolks, it will be in the name of the soap such as Dandelion & Egg yolk soap or Wild Lilac Tallow soap.
The various prices of soap reflect the size of the soap bars. 🙂
Please keep soap bars out of water when not in use to prolong the life of your soap. I cure my soaps for a minimum of 3 weeks or longer before sale. The longer the cure time, the longer your soap will last!